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Documents and links to relevant documents. Yay, documents are your friends!


Eyelink 1000 manual; i.e. your best friend when you run into problems.

File:EyeLink1000 UserManual.pdf

Quick guide to configure the eyelink for your experiment. It's a bit more readable than the full manual for a quick setup.

File:Quick guide Eyelink 1000.pdf

A concise summary on the Holm–Bonferroni method, courtesy of Jessica Heeman.


Forms(in Dutch):

A list to let your participants sign that they have received their money (or whatever they may be receiving) for participation.


If you would like to apply for money for your research you can use this link: Proefgeld

Manual, Informed Consent and Signature list:

Please refer to this manual before testing in the labs; the last two pages are an example informed consent and a signature list.

Link to file; redirects to dropbox